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Introducing Building Remotely

We’ve had plans at SafetyWing to build a comprehensive guide for building (and scaling) a thriving remote company for a while now, long before the COVID-19 pandemic came along, and forced much of the world into remote work. The result is that the potential benefits and challenges of remote work have compounded. 
Starting and running a remote company, like most wonderful things in life, is not all smooth sailing. Particularly if you have taken your company remote, you know this to be true. The good news is that we currently sit at the biggest inflection points of potential opportunity within remote work. If you’re reading this, you’ve basically just arrived in California right at the start of the gold rush. Fortunately, there is still plenty of time to get a head start. 
You can do this by applying their strategies, and executing on it well. After all, remote work is exploding, but it isn’t new. Founders, leaders and entrepreneurs have been learning and experimenting for decades. Remote work is a powerful tool, and hence there is an undeniable learning curve. Building Remotely looks to minimize that challenge. Whether you are just starting your company, or have decided to let your entire team continue working remotely after lockdown, Building Remotely is your new source of truth for remote work.

Why are we building this project?

The long term mission of SafetyWing isn’t just about insurance. It’s about building a social safety net, and eventually a country on the internet. SafetyWing is dedicated to the expansion of the global remote work community. We believe in the power of remote work to reshape our individual lives, as well as the larger social world.

Sourcing remote wisdom—the podcast

The project is starting with a podcast, featuring SafetyWing’s CEO, Sondre Rasch, as the host. In each episode, Sondre invites an innovative founder or leader within the remote world to shed some light on their tactics and ideas. Together, they discuss strategies around building a healthy and thriving remote culture, collaborating remotely, how to attract the best talent and so much more.  
There is a lot of information out there about remote work. Most of it is not well researched, some is good, and almost none is excellent. That’s why we are focusing on original content that our guests haven’t discussed before. We will explore practical ways you can improve your company, and discuss high level predictions of where the new remote world is headed, so that you can best orient yourself for a thriving future. 
Our first guest, Andreas Klinger, is the Head of Remote at AngelList. In our launch episode, he and Sondre outline how to find your company’s role, both during and after the crisis. They also touch on things like why this is the perfect time to start a new business, and healthy mental models for thinking about the future. Our second episode will feature Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab.

Providing resources you can use

Along the way, we aim to continue providing tools that help remote companies thrive, and non-remote companies make the transition. We want to help solo entrepreneurs quickly climb any learning curves that many have struggled with already. At the same time, the world is presenting new and unforeseen challenges. That is why we always want to hear your feedback and what you are currently dealing with.
Shortly after the podcast launch, we will produce a blog resource with tools, tips and discussions that can be readily applied to your projects, companies and teams. We have partnered with numerous leading remote companies to bring a unique library you can dive into whenever you encounter a challenge. Eventually, we hope to expand this into an engaging community. What are you currently struggling with? Send an email to

The Building Remotely Book

As mentioned in the beginning, the ultimate goal of this project is to create a comprehensive guide to building a thriving remote company. We will be collecting the knowledge from our podcast, the resource center and a number of researchers to compile the best information into a book (for both digital reading and physical print). 
Separate from the other project components, the book will focus on more foundational, timeless information about starting and scaling a remote company. We will release the chapters on the website as they come. Once completed, the book will be published and available in 2021. 
For now, we encourage you to listen to our first Building Remotely podcast episode, and subscribe to future updates! We’ll be notifying our community about new podcast episodes, resources and book chapters as they’re released. We’re incredibly excited to change the world with remote work alongside our community.

About the author

Sam Claassen

Head of Growth
Sam Claassen is the Head of Growth at SafetyWing, and a career remote worker. Before his time at SafetyWing, he spent years consulting with remote startups of all sizes and industries. Although he currently has a home base in Denver, Colorado, he has spent much of his career traveling as a nomad, and occasionally builds fun things on the side for the nomad-startup community.