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What remote leaders do you follow?

We are collecting a list of remote founders and leaders who are paving the way in the golden age of remote work. People who regularly put valuable information out there to help those of us who build and work remotely.  Who are the remote founders and thought leaders that you love following?

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We’ll be releasing our recommended list of remote leaders to follow next month. If you’d like to get the list when it’s released, you can subscribe to our email updates on the right. 

About the author

Jakob Bodendieck

Podcast Production Manager
Jakob is a startup-oriented nomad, recently completed his BA in Creative Business in the Netherlands. He joined SafetyWing as a Podcast Production Manager and helped create and grow the Building Remotely podcast. As the host of his own podcast, The Self Employed Student, he is offering a valuable resource for other young people with an entrepreneurial mindset.