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Best remote startups to work for in 2021

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Do you work for or know of an amazing remote startup?
We’re collecting a list of the Best Remote Startups to Work For. This year, many remote companies have gone above and beyond to adapt their policies and cultures to a “remote-first” mentality. We want to recognize these efforts, and give some inspiration to other remote companies on how they can improve their remote policies and benefits.

How will the ranking work? 

We will look at 2 points when evaluating companies:
  1. # of nominations/team size (so larger companies aren’t at an advantage) 
  2. Remote work policies and benefits (flexibility, time off, insurance, retirement plan, etc.) 
Because we take into account how many nominations a company receives, we highly encourage you to share internally so the rest of your team can nominate the company as well!

About the author

Sam Claassen

Head of Growth
Sam Claassen is the Head of Growth at SafetyWing and a serial advocate for remote work. A longtime nomad himself, he has been to 65 countries while doing growth and remote work consulting for startups and accelerators. Through his work at SafetyWing, he is working with a team to create – a podcast, online resource and soon to be book on building a thriving remote company.