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Building Remotely's top remote content of 2021

Top blog post articles 

The best remote startups to work for

At Building Remotely, we wanted to recognize the remote startups that are going above and beyond to make their companies an absolute pleasure to work at. We selected these companies using 3 criteria:
  1. Internal culture
  2. Benefits provided
  3. Endorsement from their team.
We'll be releasing a more comprehensive list of remote companies in 2022 called the Remote Company List. If you have a remote company you’d like added, reach out to

How to get a remote job

Before 2021 was labeled the ‘Great Resignation’, we saw a massive shift in people leaving their office jobs as they were called back in from remote work. We created this guide to help people search, interview and get an offer from their dream remote startup. This article is a step-by-step instructional guide on how to get the remote job that will fuel whatever life you'd like to build.

How to make a hybrid model work

Just like it sounds, a hybrid remote company has a mix of in-office employees and remote employees. Many companies had hybrid remote work models, in some sense, before the pandemic. Now that lockdowns are coming to a close, many companies are choosing to embrace a hybrid work environment. A hybrid remote environment should operate like a remote company that has a physical space you can work from as a perk. This article outlines how companies can use a remote-first mindset to succeed in a hybrid work environment. 

Your kids will thank you for working remotely

A heartfelt piece on the wonders of remote work from a child’s perspective. If you are a remote worker or thinking of making the switch as a parent, this article will give you a healthy perspective on the quality of life increase you are giving your children and family. It outlines what it was like growing up with parents who worked from home, and the immense impact that continues into adulthood. It’s a must-read for any remote parents out there. 

Is this the best remote benefits package in existence?

When we released the Best Remote Startups to Work For collection, we ourselves were surprised to see the Bunny Studio appear at the top! We quickly saw why. As our team explored their benefits system, it became clear it was one of, if not the best remote benefits system in existence. If you run a remote company, get some inspiration on how to attract better talent using fantastic benefits. 

Top podcast episodes 

The future of digital nomadism with Kevin Kelly from WIRED

Together with WIRED Co-Founder, author and photographer Kevin Kelly, Sondre Rasch dives into Kevin’s experiences since the start of his nomadic journey almost 50 years ago. He gives advice for young digital nomads and his predictions for how remote work will affect our future. 
At the end of the interview, the episode is followed by a Q+A session where the SafetyWing team of nomads and remote workers had the opportunity to ask Kevin questions on everything from how to reach 1000 true fans, the future of global governance, the remote movement in China and the future of Silicon Valley. 
With him, we also discussed:
  • Learnings from non-western cultures and ancient worlds in regards to nomadism
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the nomad lifestyle
  • Shifting from ownership to access in the modern world
  • The basic human right of mobility
  • Global convergence of basic human needs resulting in a divergence towards the meaning of life.

Predictions from the 2021 Remote Work Report with Gitlab, Dropbox and Qatalog

In this unique episode of Building Remotely, we discuss the future of remote work with Darren Murph (Gitlab), Tariq Rauf (Qatalog) and Alastair Simpson (Dropbox)!
Following the insights from Gitlab's 2021 Remote Work Report, we uncover the findings from the report, and what these newly discovered statistics could mean for companies and the future of work. 
With our 3 speakers, we discussed:
  • How has the past year “democratized” remote work? 
  • What is driving companies to stick to traditional office structures?
  • What was missed or overlooked in initial workforce guidelines?
  • What all-remote processes should companies be incorporating into their workflows?

Building the first village for remote work

What is needed to create a “village” for remote workers? 
Will Mercer is the Founder and CEO of Umaya Village – a community of remote workers and teams nestled on a paradise beach in Belize. Find out what led to the creation of Umaya, what he learned from creating a community space in a chateau in the French countryside and what the future of remote communities could look like. 
Together with him, we discussed:
  • The biggest challenges while creating Umaya
  • Architectural design that leads to a great experience for remote workers
  • Possibilities for remote teams and individuals to join Umaya
  • The future of remote villages.

How can you create a happy remote team?

Creating a sense of unity among your company can be a challenge that is even more difficult when operating remotely.
Apart from optimizing his productivity and minimalistic nomad lifestyle, Michael Alexis' team at Team Building is helping other companies optimize for happiness and motivation. He shares the characteristics of an engaging team-building experience, different influences that can enhance or reduce employee happiness, and the mindset that helps him stay mission-focused as a (remote) business owner. 
We also explored:
  • How they reached 25.000 5-star reviews 
  • Michaels inspiration from the non-fictional work of Isaac Asimov
  • The importance of social interaction and how to facilitate it in a remote team 
  • Impact of automation on employee happiness.

Our first book chapter!

As many companies are tempted to return to the old ways of office learning, we released the first chapter of the Building Remotely book – Why build remotely? In this chapter, we take a deep dive into the benefits of remote work, both personally and for your company. 
We are writing this book in public. Chapters will be released one by one in order to make changes based on community feedback. Email to tell us what parts are useful, what information is lacking, and what challenges you are dealing with while building a remote company. If your suggestion is published in the final printed book, you will be given credit!
As we're wrapping up this year and preparing for the new one, let us know what content you'd like to see (or if you want to contribute to our library of remote work knowledge yourself!) If you don't feel like emailing, you can always tweet us @safetywing.

About the author

Sam Claassen

Head of Growth
Sam Claassen is the Head of Growth at SafetyWing and a serial advocate for remote work. A longtime nomad himself, he has been to 65 countries while doing growth and remote work consulting for startups and accelerators. Through his work at SafetyWing, he is working with a team to create – a podcast, online resource and soon to be book on building a thriving remote company.