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How to pitch SafetyWing Media

We’re looking for powerful, ambitious stories about remote work, digital nomads, borderless living, global citizenship, and internet countries.

Our media platforms

The SafetyWing Media team sits within a fully remote startup called SafetyWing, whose mission is to build a global social safety net and an internet country for digital nomads. While each of our platforms brings value to anyone who is nomadic or working remotely, there are slight differences in our audiences for each: 

🌎 Borderless

Borderless was born when our globally-distributed team needed a way to track border closures, travel restrictions, and COVID-19 measures in 2020 and 2021. Many in our team, customers and community are nomadic, and needed help navigating these rapid changes.
In 2022, as travel restrictions lift, we’re expanding this tool into a more comprehensive resource with: 
  • City guides for digital nomads
  • Resources for location-independent life.

Story Format

  • City Guides (600-800 words): We’re creating insider city guides for digital nomads and remote workers. If you can gather insights and recommendations from notable remote workers, nomads and founders, we'd love to hear from you (e.g. “Lisbon according to Pieter Levels”,” Norway according to Anne Helen Petersen”, “Taiwan according to Irina Papuc”, etc - we’d happily give the green light for all of these!) 
How to choose who to interview? We're aiming for interviews with prominent people in the nomad community and leaders in the world of remote. A good rule of thumb is >10k followers on any given social media platform. This is not the main requirement since there are some people on our wishlist that don't have that number of followers, but are still well known in the nomadic community.
Let us know what city you want to focus on and who you’d like to reach out to for an interview! If you really want to work on this project but are struggling to find inspiration on who to interview, reach out regardless because we have a few people in mind already!

🛠 Building Remotely

Building Remotely is a publication for remote founders, thought leaders and anyone interested in starting and scaling a remote business. It also offers guidance and resources for remote workers to improve the quality and efficiency of their work lives. We're looking for researchers and writers to create articles centered around remote work data and insights (research papers, whitepapers, etc.)

🪙 Plumia

Plumia is the umbrella brand for SafetyWing's efforts to increase the global mobility rights of people everywhere, whether it's through the products we create or co-designing policy with governments. Plumia is also the name of the internet country we're building through our work. We’re developing new global mobility tools, such as the Nomad Border Pass, and aim to launch a fully-functional nomad passport, accepted at borders worldwide, by 2032.

Story Formats

Here’s an example essay written by Lauren Razavi, Executive Director at Plumia and Director of Special Projects at SafetyWing: Minimum Viable State: Building a Nomad Internet Country

Our rates

Our rates start at $0.50/word, though we have separate budgets available for more complex and in-depth media projects. If you have an ambitious idea, get in touch! 

How to pitch SafetyWing Media

To make sure the pitching process goes smoothly: 
  • Send us a fully-developed idea that answers the following questions:  What is your idea and why is it important? Who will benefit from this piece? What problem does it solve?  Why are you the right person to write this story?
  • Pitches should be addressed to Barbara Jovanovic (our Head of Content) or Lauren Razavi (our Director of Special Projects).
  • Please include your two most relevant story links (in written style, topic/theme or story format).
  • Send your pitch to, including Building Remotely, Borderless or Plumia in the subject line!
What happens next? 
You’ll hear back from us within two weeks. We review and respond to all pitches, even if it’s just to let you know we’re not able to pursue your story right now.

About the author

Barbara Jovanovic

Head of Content
With a background in New media art and creative project management, Barbara is the Head of Content at SafetyWing and building Borderless - the ultimate resource for nomads and remote workers. She is fully nomadic and an avid photographer, sharing each new destination on her Instagram page.