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Remote tool review: Almanac

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Remote tools review: Almanac

Almanac is a modern editor for async knowledge management collaboration. Their mission is to eradicate endless Zoom meetings and scattered messages across different tools by centralizing all documentation in one place. On Almanac’s website, you can find a library of open source docs templates and access The Async Collaborative, a community of leaders who share tips and best practices about async collaboration.

Pros & Cons

🟢 Rich text formatting.
🟢 Github-like branching feature.
🟢 Library of free templates.
🔴 Currently only integrates with 15 tools.

About the author

Dario Villirilli

Content writer
Dario is a content writer & creator working remotely since 2017. He's a passionate minimalist and digital nomad. On his blog, he writes about personal growth and lifestyle design to help people deal with a fast-changing and progressively more borderless world.