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Remote tool review: Focusmate

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Remote tools review: Focusmate

Focusmate is a productivity tool for remote workers. You can use it to book a 20 or 50-minute coworking session with another (random) remote worker and keep each other accountable while getting things done.
Overall, Focusmate's mission is to help remote workers be more productive and feel less lonely.

Pros & Cons

🟢 Free for 3 sessions every week.
🟢 It leverages psychological factors that are proven to boost productivity.
🔴 You can’t choose to meet again with people you previously worked well with.
🔴 Some people find the mandatory video presence distracting and too invasive.

About the author

Dario Villirilli

Content writer
Dario is a content writer & creator working remotely since 2017. He's a passionate minimalist and digital nomad. On his blog, he writes about personal growth and lifestyle design to help people deal with a fast-changing and progressively more borderless world.