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Remote tool review: Teamflow

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Remote tools review: Teamflow

Teamflow is a virtual office for remote teams. Linking your camera to an avatar in a Sims-like office allows you to communicate and collaborate with your team more spontaneously than you would by scheduling calls or writing long threads.
Teamflow’s mission is to make remote team collaboration seamless, more enjoyable and productive. On their website, you’ll also find free guides on remote onboarding and managing remote teams.

Pros & Cons

🟢 It's a space for quick convos that can solve problems faster than a Slack thread.
🟢 It facilitates face-to-face interactions that foster social connections.
🟢 The spatial audio component facilitates chatting with people near you during meetings without interrupting.
🟢 Any feedback you send goes directly to the founder & the team. They usually reply with a solution in a few hours.
🔴 While they are constantly improving the product, some people found it slower when lots of people are in a room.
🔴 There's a learning curve, especially if you don't have the newest tech or the fastest internet connection.
Our team at SafetyWing uses Teamflow for all of our internal meetings!

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