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Ep. 41

Conflict resolution in remote teams

How can you support authentic communication in a remote team?

Elie Dagher is a successful leadership coach and has made it his mission to teach authentic communication strategies to business leaders and teams. In this episode, he shares how you can create a healthy communication culture in a remote team.
Topics we discussed:
  • How to become a leader
  • Defining authenticity
  • The power of non-violent communication
  • How to embrace conflict in a team.
Find the full transcript here.
Stay tuned for the next episode with Ally Fekaiki from Juno on offering benefits for your remote team.
Book: Non-Violent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg Book: Siddharta by Hermann Hesse

About your hosts

Sondre Rasch

Co-founder & CEO
Sondre co-founded SafetyWing together with Sarah Sandnes and Hans Kjellby. Born in Bergen, Norway, he studied economics and computer science, before starting work as a policy advisor for the government of Norway advising on social policies. After getting frustrated with the slow pace of government change, Sondre first founded SuperSide (YC W16), a platform for freelance designers. It was here he discovered the lack of a safety net for online remote workers. SafetyWing was then born with the aim of building a global social safety net.

Elie Dagher

Founder and Coach
Lead from Within
Elie is a Lebanese entrepreneur, business coach, and founder of Lead From Within. He's a regular speaker in universities and start-up incubators in the US and the Middle East.
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