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Ep. 10

How to attract the best remote talent

What does it take to successfully hire the best of the new remote workforce?

"Think about how powerful it would be if literally everybody in the world could write code as well as a Google engineer.  Nobody would be worse off… everybody’s life just get’s way better really fast. And that’s really cool, it’s not zero-sum.”
In this episode, we are joined by Austen Allred, the founder of Lambda School - a coding school that charges no tuition until you are hired. Austen designed a revolutionary model of hiring placement for his students. He’s become an expert at cultivating the best engineering talent. Topics we covered:
  • Why the current recruitment process is broken and how to fix it.
  • The effects that remote work has on the current job market.
  • The rise of the new economy and the role that engineers have in it.
  • Identifying and predicting variable outcomes.
With a growing talent pool made possible by a remote job market, the competition for strong talent has increased. Teaching the next generation of software engineers himself at Lambda School, Austen experiences first hand what it takes to hire the best of the new remote workforce. Apart from giving great advice on this topic, he shares his story of founding Lambda school and the future he sees for the role of tertiary education in the startup world.
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About your hosts

Austen Allred

Co-Founder and CEO
Lambda School
Austen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lambda School. Before that, he co-founded the media platform GrassWire and co-authored the growth hacking textbook Secret Sauce, which became a best-seller and provided him the personal seed money to build Lambda.

Sondre Rasch

Co-founder & CEO
Sondre co-founded SafetyWing together with Sarah Sandnes and Hans Kjellby. Born in Bergen, Norway, he studied economics and computer science, before starting work as a policy advisor for the government of Norway advising on social policies. After getting frustrated with the slow pace of government change, Sondre first founded SuperSide (YC W16), a platform for freelance designers. It was here he discovered the lack of a safety net for online remote workers. SafetyWing was then born with the aim of building a global social safety net.
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