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Ep. 7

How to build a remote community

How do we define a purpose that will make a thriving community?

In this episode, we are speaking with Spencer Jentzsch, former CEO of Hacker Paradise. Spencer shares his experience in growing a community-based company and managing one of the most thriving communities among digital nomads to this date. How do you create meaningful connections within your internal team and in your community? How does the communication dynamic change as you grow? How do you keep engagement high?
Topics we covered:
  • What community really means?
  • What is the members’ common goal?
  • How to create a meaningful community - online and offline.
  • How to motivate passive community members to participate.
Find the full transcript here!
Stay tuned for the next episode, in which we will be joined by Pieter Levels, the founder of NomadList and RemoteOK. Stay tuned to hear his take on the prevalent question “Are all remote workers future nomads?”
What should we talk about next? We are open to any feedback and suggestions about our previous and future episodes, so send us an email at!

About your hosts

Sondre Rasch

Co-founder & CEO
Sondre co-founded SafetyWing together with Sarah Sandnes and Hans Kjellby. Born in Bergen, Norway, he studied economics and computer science, before starting work as a policy advisor for the government of Norway advising on social policies. After getting frustrated with the slow pace of government change, Sondre first founded SuperSide (YC W16), a platform for freelance designers. It was here he discovered the lack of a safety net for online remote workers. SafetyWing was then born with the aim of building a global social safety net.

Spencer Jentzsch

Co-Founder & COO
Vagabond Partners
Spencer is an International COO, executive coach and software project manager. He is the former CEO of Hacker Paradise, one of the most thriving communities in the digital nomad scene, and has a wealth of experience in both online and offline community management. He is currently the Co-Founder & COO at Vagabond Partners, and Head of Community at SchoolHouse. "I love tech, operations, and people. That intersection is where I am the most happy and the best at my job."
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