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Ep. 3

How to setup your remote company using e-Residency

Estonia is considered by many the most Digital Nation in the world, and for good reason! 99% of its government services are available entirely online, paving the way for Estonian e-Residency. How can this help your remote company?

In this episode, we are joined by Alex Wellman from the Estonian e-Residency Program. With him, we will explore the process and benefits of setting up your company completely remotely using e-Residency.
In the episode we will cover the following topics:
  • What is the Estonian e-Residency citizenship?
  • How can my company apply?
  • What benefits are there for Digital Nomads and remote entrepreneurs? 
If you are a remote business owner or freelancer and think the business services in your country could be better, this episode could be a game-changer. Alex shows us it's not only possible to set up and managing your business, but you can do it with ease. He walks you through the most common benefits and questions of the program, along with a step-by-step walkthrough of the application process. 
Find the full transcript here!
Stay tuned for the next episode with Matt Drozdzynski from Pilot — a company focussing on hiring and managing remote teams. Together with him, we touch on the challenges of hiring an international remote team. From finding and onboarding talent to ending a contract remotely, we'll make you a pro at cultivating the perfect remote team. What should we talk about next? We would love to hear any feedback and suggestions about our previous episodes, or what you’d like to hear about in the future. Send us an email at
More about Alex:  Medium Twitter
More about E-Residency: Apply here! The legal situation as an e-resident Homepage of Estonia's e-Government E-Residency Facebook Group

About your hosts

Sondre Rasch

Co-founder & CEO
Sondre co-founded SafetyWing together with Sarah Sandnes and Hans Kjellby. Born in Bergen, Norway, he studied economics and computer science, before starting work as a policy advisor for the government of Norway advising on social policies. After getting frustrated with the slow pace of government change, Sondre first founded SuperSide (YC W16), a platform for freelance designers. It was here he discovered the lack of a safety net for online remote workers. SafetyWing was then born with the aim of building a global social safety net.

Alex Wellman

Marketing and Communications Team Lead
Alex is currently living in Estonia and leading the marketing and communications team for the country's first e-Residency program. They help location-independent entrepreneurs and remote-focused companies benefit from Estonia’s innovative government e-services. He is originally from the United States where he worked in Washington, DC, for the US House of Representatives, but is now situated in Tallinn, Estonia.
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