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4 remote work trends that will define 2022-2025

with Lona Alia, Linda Wang, Mariya Hristova, Sarah Hawley

June 23, 2022
2:00 PM - 6:00 AM (EST)
Online event
Many businesses are pushing for a partial or full return to the office. While those companies may have been desirable places to work before, workers are not willing to give up the freedom of working remotely.
If you want to hire and retain the best talent, it's time to start getting ahead of the trends. In this webinar, we’ve invited experts on remote work to help you prepare for the next 3 years. We will dive into the following emerging trends:
  • Building a remote-first culture
  • Ins and outs of borderless hiring
  • Must-have remote and borderless benefits
  • Expert remote and borderless tech-stack recommendations.
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Lona Alia

Head of Revenue
Lona Alia is the Head of Revenue at SafetyWing, and the founder of StyleLend. She is also an advisor to startups and EU for Innovation and future of work.

Linda Wang

Head of Marketing & Partnerships
Linda is the Head of Marketing & Partnerships at Omnipresent, helping remote companies worldwide with hiring and onboarding global talent.

Mariya Hristova

Head of Talent
Mariya is the Head of Talent at Hofy, a team redefining the way organizations oversee their remote and hybrid workplaces.

Sarah Hawley

Sarah Hawley
Sarah is the founder & CEO of Growmotely, a platform that focuses on finding long-term roles for great remote workers worldwide, with incredible company values & mission: "We exist to support the evolution of conscious work and culture. To create equality, growth, fulfillment, freedom and empowerment for all.”